poor mans wikipedia: working on this page made me think of this idea I had a while back of a 'poor man's wikipedia' which is probably the shittiest elevator pitch. the idea is that ANYTHING could be an entry and it'd be less like a definitive summary or whatever and just a database of entries. like this right now, what I'm talking about would reference wikipedia but it would also reference whatever the main topic is. That's probably a bad example, but you'd be able to tag every entry with its relevant references. here's a write-up on it.


Blackberry movie: The weird thing about being old and living through time periods depicted in media is seeing the weird anachronisms that are depicted. In 2003, I can imagine that someone was still listening to a cassette tape but not a walkman. I was listening to tapes in 2008 or 2009 but only because my car had a tape player and I didn't have money to replace it or buy a tape adapter. The idea that a techie would still be listening to tapes seems pretty unlikely. (I just realized this character is wearing an 80s handband in 2008, so maybe it's not so crazy.)
T-Mobile Sidekick: Watching this movie reminded me of that brief period of time when the Sidekick was so awesome. I remember seeing Paris Hilton use it and thought it was so cool. Blackberry was for business professionals and was probably out of my league. I got the Sidekick 3. I was a little disappointed though. It didn't have the smartphone functionality that I dreamed of. At that point, we were still in the nascent phones-aren't-quite-computers-yet stage. It was cool af to type on that though. I remember just literally sitting in a courtyard texting random people, just because I could.
res dogs: that dude from Incubus (brandon whatever), I remember how that guy was a huge star back when Incubus was big, big.
cryptonomicon: there's a scene in this novel where the main character is accused of being a technocrat and he bristles at the term and goes in to a long tirade against it. This is so clearly coming from the author's point of view it's not even funny.
American Me: In the beginning of the movie, it's 1959 and the character is 16. He has a younger brother who's a toddler then cut to that toddler being ten years later. It's crazy that a 45 year old Edward James Olmos was supposedly a 26 year old during one part of the movie. Doesn't make any sense.
American Me: Years ago, there was a local radio station that had a segment or hosts or something that was called Pocos Pero Locos. I thought it was Pocos Perros Locos (little crazy dogs) and thought it was kind of an odd title but after hearing it in American Me, it makes more sense why they would name it that.
For All Mankind: season 4. Just saw Tania Raymonde on there. I was so excited to see her!! I hadn't seen her since Lost and I've been fan since Malcolm in the Middle.